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I’m looking forward to going to the Emmys.

I’m looking forward to working in musical theatre for the rest of my life.

I’m looking forward to getting out…

I’m looking forward to being the mother that I never had.

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    Living somewhere in the UK, sipping hot cocoa in a cozy cafe during winter and watching snowflakes fall.
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    I’m looking forward to seeing Matt.
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    I’m looking forward to discovering what I’m meant to do with my life and making a difference with it.
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    Getting my life in order.
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    creative… Going on...week. But even more importantly, feeling happy again one day.
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    I’m looking forward to dancing at my wedding with my dad.
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    to… Getting the hell out of Maine and
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    Falling in love, getting married, having a family of my own…
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    Finding the one Becoming a successful actress
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    100 degree weather ayyy
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    Playing Tuba in either the New York Philharmonic or the Metropolitan Opera!
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    Sherlock series 3.
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    i’m… Graduating high school, learning
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    accepted to FIU,...Miami, meet the love of...famous...
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    Performing for the first time on a Broadway stage in New York City
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    own… i just got accepted to...college… so im looking forward to that
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    I am looking forward to the new episode of Fringe, and when polivia finally get married and have lots of babies.
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    Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Or Best Director....not picky ;) And then...
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    I’m looking forward to getting to university and taking a course that I actually want. I’m looking forward to making it...
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    Finishing uni and moving over to England.
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    I’m looking forward to the summer and spending it with my boyfriend.
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    I’m looking forward for a less screwed up life with more real friends and less family problems. Also I’m looking forward...
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    Directing/playing the Ringmaster (Death) in With the Needle That Sings In Her Heart.
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    Meeting Luke in person.
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    Sherlock season 3
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    1.The Hobbit 2.The Hunger Games 3.Getting to go to CreationFest this year 4.The Hobbit 5.Summer vacation to save me from...
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    Graduating high school, not feeling judged everyday, owning my own restaurant, living in Milwaukee with my best friend,...
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    Going to New York with chorus and singing in Carnegie Hall, graduating college and staying in touch with my friends from...
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    Let’s see here… 2-28-12: Kid Cudi’s new album 3-20-12(I think): New Odd Future album 3-25-12: Odd Future’s T.V. show,...
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    I can’t think that far ahead in the future.
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    You aren’t looking forward to seeing me in June? :< Ohkaaaay Kaedee I see it.
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    I’m looking forward to: 1. Finishing the damned PhD and getting a fun job. 2. Breakfast (I have custard for my...
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    I’m looking forward to: Seeing and living in the new house in April Finishing, printing, binding and handing in this...
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    My first appointment at St. Johns, regarding starting my transition, on the first.
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    I’m looking forward to having dinner with my friends on Sunday to seeing Sweeney Todd in London in April to being at...